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Table 3 Sample characteristics

From: What are patients’ knowledge, expectation and experience of radial extracorporeal shockwave therapy for the treatment of their tendinopathies? A qualitative study

Px Age Gender Ethnicity Diagnosis Duration of symptoms rESWT treatment #* rESWT sessions Physical activities Pre-rESWT Tx tried
01 43 Male Caucasian British Left proximal hamstring td 4–5 months Complete 8 Running (4–5 times / week at about 20 miles) Physiotx
02 54 Female Caucasian British Left insertional Achilles td 11 months Complete 10 Gym - cross trainer, treadmill Physiotx HVI
03 51 Female Caucasian British Right plantar fasciitis 20 years (3–4 years persistent) Complete 10 Horse-riding Physiotx Acp Strassburg sock CSI
04 44 Male Caucasian British Right patellar td 23 months Complete 5 Running (6 times/week - 40 miles) Physiotx
05 35 Male Caucasian British Left ITB syndrome 3–4 months Complete 8 Running (30 miles/week) Physiotx
06 30 Female Caucasian British Bilateral FHL and FDL td 7 years Complete 10 Dancing (ballet, contemporary) Physiox Dry-need. Acp HVI Ostenil/CSI
07 45 Male Caucasian British Bilateral plantar fasciitis 3 years Complete 3 Martial arts Cycling Pilates Physiotx Gastroc release.
08 36 Male Caucasian Spanish Right insertional adductor longus td 2 months Incomp. 6 Cycling Running Football Skiing Oral NSAIDs
09 32 Male Caucasian British Left proximal hamstring td 7–8 years Incomp. 5 Football (semi-professional) Cycling Rowing Physiotx DTM Acp CSI
10 33 Male Caucasian Greek Right insertional infraspinatus td and Right distal MTJ biceps td 3.5–4 years Incomp. 4 on shoulder 2 on bicep Kickboxing Physiotx Oral NSAIDs Acp CSI
11 43 Male Caucasian British Bilateral mid-portion Achilles td 1 year Incomp. 5 Running (20 km/week) Football (five-a-side twice a week) Pilates Self-taught stretches
  1. Px participant/patient, #* number of weekly, tx treatment, Incomp incomplete, td tendinopathy, ITB iliotibial band, FHL flexor hallucis longus tendinopathy, FDL flexor digitorum longus, MTJ musculotendinous junction, Physiotx physiotherapy, HVI high volume injections, Acp acunpuncture, CSI corticosteroid injections, Dry need. Dry needling, Gastroc. gastrocnemius, NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, DTM deep tissue massage