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Table 4 Independent variables determinants AFC (n = 413)

From: Prevalence, impact and care of foot problems in people with rheumatoid arthritis: results from a United Kingdom based cross-sectional survey

Predictive variable Univariate analysesa Multivariate analysesb Exp (B) Adjusted odds ratio (CI 95%)c p
Hospital site Proportions similar AFC versus NAFC according to hospital site Excluded from model   
Gender p = 0.04 Included in model 1.72 (1.06–2.88) 0.03
Age p = 0.01 Included in model 1.02 (1.00–1.04) 0.02
Social deprivation p = 0.363 Excluded from model   
Disease duration p= > 0.001 Included in model 1.04 (1.02–1.07) < 0.01
Arthritis medications Proportions similar AFC versus NAFC according to arthritis medications Excluded from model   
Disability (HAQ) p = 0.005 Exclude from model, as 1 section captures lower limb disability   
  1. aUnivariate analyses of demographic and clinical variables to identify factors associated as predictors of AFC
  2. bVariables with p = < 0.2 in univariate analyses were entered into a series of logistic regression models to identify independent predictors of AFC
  3. cCI 95% Confidence Interval