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Fig. 2

From: A novel magnet based 3D printed marker wand as basis for repeated in-shoe multi segment foot analysis: a proof of concept

Fig. 2

Mean marker placement errors. Mean placement errors of novel markers in sagittal plane (blue bar), frontal plane (orange bar) and transverse plane (grey bar). LCA: left calcaneus (reference marker); LPT: left peroneal tubercle; LST: left sustentaculum talus; LTN: left navicular tubercle; LVMB: left fifth metatarsal base; LSMB: left second metatarsal base; LFMB: left first metatarsal base; LVM: left fifth metatarsal head; LSM: left second metatarsal head; LFM: left first metatarsal head; LPM: left first phalanx

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