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Table 2 Emergent themes and Super-ordinate themes

From: Dealing with the death of a long term patient; what is the impact and how do podiatrists cope?

Emergent themes Super-ordinate themes
• Podiatrists being embedded in patient lives
• Building of relationships
• The ripple effect onto staff when someone dies
• The additional stress of managing family members of the patient who has died
• Emotionally invested due to the ongoing continuity of care
• Often in a position to listen and understand a patients personal lives and belief/values
• Links to your own personal life
• Deep professional relationship not always recognised by others
Acknowledging Connections
• Need to find the right listener
• Important to have a support mechanism
• Debriefing with people who understand the context
• Importance of being open to seeking to help
• Understanding that everyone has their own process of grieving
• Having a supportive workplace
• Recognising the emotional impact
• Devaluing the impact because it is work related
Willing to share and listen
• Increasing general discussion on the topic
• Greater opportunity to have formal training on understanding the impact
• Empowering practitioners with knowledge on how to support themselves
• Increasing emotional awareness through effective strategies
• Recognising the emotional impact within the podiatry progression
• Better training for students
Creating support through starting the conversation