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Table 3 The similarity of foot gait pattern between female older and young

From: Inter-segmental motions of the foot: differences between younger and older healthy adult females

  Female older and young
Hallux relative to forefoot
 Dorsiflexion-Plantarflexion 0.995
 Varus-Valgus 0.925
Forefoot relative to hindfoot
 Dorsiflexion-Plantarflexion 0.946
 Adduction-Abduction 0.883
 Supination-Pronation 0.740
Hindfoot relative to tibia
 Dorsiflexion-Plantarflexion 0.977
 Varus-Valgus 0.954
 Supination-Pronation 0.958
 Height 0.924
 Length 0.995
 Arch index 0.848
Foot progression angle 0.738
  1. Coefficients of multiple correlation (R2)