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Fig. 2

From: Optimisation of rocker sole footwear for prevention of first plantar ulcer: comparison of group-optimised and individually-selected footwear designs

Fig. 2

The effect of varying apex position (a-c) and rocker angle (d-f) on peak plantar pressure under the 1st MTP, 2-4th MTH and Hallux in people with diabetes (n = 102). The symbol * denotes a significant pairwise difference (p < 0.001) between a condition and at least one of the three other apex positions (plots a-c) or other rocker angle (plots d-f). The vertical lines illustrate the standard deviations. Plots g-i show the interaction between apex position and rocker angle (RA = 15° shown as dotted and RA = 20° shown as a dashed line) for the people with diabetes (black) and also for the healthy individuals (red)

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