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Table 1 Interview topic guide

From: The experience of foot problems and decisions to access foot care in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a qualitative study

Questions and prompts  
1: Tell me the story about your feet?  
 How important are your foot problems to you?  
 Have you discussed your foot problems with anyone?  
2: What are your foot problems?  
 Have your feet changed since developing RA?  
 Has anyone examined your feet since developing RA?  
3: How do you manage your foot problems?  
 Can you give an example?  
4: Have you had any experience of foot care services?  
 If so, how did you access care?  
5: How much do your foot problems affect your activity?  
 How do you feel about your foot problems affecting your activity levels?  
 Are you able to drive, work, and take part in leisure activities?  
 How do your foot problems affect the way you feel about things?  
6: Do they have an impact on your choice of shoes, clothes etc.?  
 How does this make you feel?  
7: If we could make things better, do you have a wish list for foot care services?