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Table 1 Relapse assessment protocol (after Bhaskar) [14]

From: Walk for life - the National Clubfoot Project of Bangladesh: the four-year outcomes of 150 congenital clubfoot cases following Ponseti method

LEFT RIGHT Description
1A/2A 1A/2A Reduced ankle dorsiflexion: <15 to 0 (1A)
Fixed ankle equinus: <0 (2A)
1B/2B 1B/2B Gait supinated, dynamic forefoot adduction/supination – flexible relapse (1B)
Fixed adduction of forefoot - curved and
rigid relapse (2B)
3 3 Two or more fixed deformities*
  1. Relapse assessment was performed in two steps
  2. 1. Examine ankle range, with knee extended
  3. 2. Watch gait for supination
  4. *Fixed ankle equinus and adduction and cavus (partial relapse)
  5. *Heel varus and ankle equinus, midfoot cavus, forefoot adduction (total relapse)