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Table 3 Self-reported foot problems ranked by order of most reported

From: A survey exploring self-reported indoor and outdoor footwear habits, foot problems and fall status in people with stroke and Parkinson’s

  PwPD PwS
1. Swelling in feet / ankles Weakness and limited movement in feet/ankles
2. Corns/callus Loss of sensation
3. Skin/nail infection Tender / painful feet
4. Neuropathy / loss of sensation Drop foot
5. Bunion Low arch / flat foot
6. Tender / painful feet Swelling in feet / ankles
7. Lesser toe deformity Bunion
8. Ingrown toe nails Ingrown toe nails
9. Arthritis Corns/callus
10. Plantarfasciitis Toes curl up/under
11. Vascular Lesser toe deformity
12. Chilblains, cold toes/feet Fungal infections
13. Gout Problems with nail growth
14. Ulceration Arthritis
15. Drop foot Cramp
16. Low arch / flat foot Plantarfasciitis
17. High arch foot Problems due to differences in leg length/foot size/ shoe size