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Table 3 Rhytms

From: The Glasgow-Maastricht foot model, evaluation of a 26 segment kinematic model of the foot

Name of the rythm Coupled joints
IP plantar flexion For each phalanx inter phalangeal joints
MTP plantar flexion1-5 Flexion of all MTP joints is coupled
Metatarsal tranverse arch 1-5 An arch is constructed, that couples the height of the metatarsal heads
Tarsal tranverse arch 1-5 Transverse arch coupling motion of all tarsals
Longitudinal medial arch Coupling plantar flexion of joints in the first ray
Longitudinal lateral arch Coupling plantar flexion of Calcaneocuboid joint and TMT5
  1. Rythms used and short description of the rythm. A full description can be found in the Appendix