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Table 1 Themes and sub-themes generated from the interviews and focus group

From: If the shoe fits: development of an on-line tool to aid practitioner/patient discussions about ‘healthy footwear’

Theme Sub-theme
Comfort/Pain management Factor on which most shoe choices are based
Physical ‘fit’
Wearing similar or same shoe almost every day
Enjoyment gone from shoes
Fashion At odds with comfort
Used to be important
Cost High cost of shoes prohibitive
Begrudges cost
People with disabilities are ‘exploited’/discriminated against in terms of footwear choices and costs
What they pay
Orthotics/specialist shoes
Identity Sense of shoes not matching self/lifestyle
Mental ‘fit’
Medicalisation—don’t want to be seen as someone with a disability etc.
Pride, wellbeing and self-esteem
Unhappy with shoes/wishes could wear different shoes
Image Creating a ‘look’ or a brand/image
Different outfits
Hates feet and having them on display
Minimise visibility of shoes
Occasions ‘Appropriateness’
Formal shoes
Getting out and about
Shoe-shopping Hard to find wide-fit shoes/shoes that fit
Shoe shopping has to be planned now
Limited access to shops
Embarrassing/hates it
Prefer to shop online/catalogues or try shoes on at home
Staff lack knowledge to help
Peer pressure  
What makes a healthy shoe?  
Support from Podiatrists Good support and advice
Didn’t realise shoe advice part of pod role/never received it
Changing role of podiatrists/professionalisation
What would help?/recommendations for toolkit and for changing footwear Offer examples of specific brands
Recognise patient as individual with individual needs
Get to know the patient and build rapport/build concordance
Understand mental wellbeing side of shoes/people’s feelings and emotions
LOCAL context—shops in area
Explain things more clearly
Show images of shoes
Shoe-fitting service
Shoe-fitting/foot-measuring in shops
Private area in shops
Knowing what pods do more
Internet/peer support
Not treating patients who won’t make the changes
Gradual/step changes
Balance in managing situation
‘Car to bar’—changing shoe choice some of the time
Role of prevention
People don’t make the connection between foot conditions and shoes
Change people’s perceptions of healthy shoes?
Look at the bigger picture