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Fig. 3

From: IL-17 cytokines in bone healing of diabetic Charcot arthropathy patients: a prospective 2 year follow-up study

Fig. 3

Plasma levels of IL-17F (pg/ml) in Charcot patients (n = 26), diabetes control patients (n = 20) and healthy donors (n = 20). Plasma IL-17F at start of study was significantly lower in Charcot patients versus diabetic controls (p = 0.024) and healthy subjects (p = 0.047) but not between diabetic controls and healthy (p = 0.69). IL-17F was not significantly different between Charcot patients, diabetic control patients and healthy subjects at 2 years (p = 0.95) (3a). IL-17F in Charcot patients was significantly higher at 2 years versus inclusion value (p = 0.003) (3a) but not at 4 months versus inclusion value (3b) (p = 0.57). Mean ± SEM

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