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Table. 1 Search strategies

From: Let me Google that for you: a time series analysis of seasonality in internet search trends for terms related to foot and ankle pain

Group Search reference Search string
Pain FOOT PAIN “foot pain” + “painful foot” + “feet pain” + “painful feet” + “sore foot” + “sore feet”
  ANKLE PAIN “ankle pain” + “painful ankle” + “painful ankles” + “sore ankle” + “sore ankles”
  HEEL PAIN “heel pain” + “painful heel” + “painful heels”
Specific conditions PLANTAR FACIITIS “plantar faciitis”
  ANKLE SPRAIN “ankle sprain” + “ankle sprains” + “sprained ankle” + “sprained ankles”
Foot treatments FOOT ORTHOTIC “foot orthotic” + “foot orthotics” + “foot orthosis” + “foot orthoses”
  INSOLE insole + insoles
  FOOT SURGERY “foot surgery” + “surgery on feet” + “surgical operation foot” + “surgical operations foot” + “surgical operations feet”
Ankle treatments ANKLE ORTHOSES “ankle orthosis” + “ankle orthoses” + “ankle orthotic” + “ankle orthotics” + “ankle foot orthosis” + “ankle foot orthoses” + “ankle foot orthotic” + “ankle foot orthotics” + “ankle splint” + “ankle splints” + “ankle brace” + “ankle braces”
  ANKLE EXERCISES “ankle exercise” + “ankle exercises” + “exercises for ankle” + “exercises for ankles” + “ankle strengthening” + “strengthening ankle” + “strengthening ankles” + “strengthen ankle” + “strengthen ankles”
  ANKLE STRETCHES “ankle stretches” + “ankle stretch” + “stretches for ankle” + “stretches for ankles” + “stretch ankle” + “stretch ankles” + “stretching ankle” + “stretching ankles” + “ankle stretching”
  ANKLE SURGERY “ankle surgery” + “surgery on ankle” + “surgery on ankles” + “ankle operation” + “ankle replacement” + “surgical operation ankle” + “surgical operation ankles”
  1. Note: In Google Trends the + symbol represents OR in Boolean notation. Additionally, enclosing more than one word in quotation marks ensures that the exact phrase is searched for and not just the presence of those words in any order within a larger phrase