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Archived Comments for: Let me Google that for you: a time series analysis of seasonality in internet search trends for terms related to foot and ankle pain

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  1. Spelling of search terms?

    Richard James Clark, Integrative Healthcare

    27 July 2015

    Thank you for this initiative - a very interesting paper. 

    I note that your searches and paper consistently used the spelling 'faciitis'which I have not seen before.  The variants I am familiar with are 'fasciitis' and 'fascitis'. 

    A quick google just now (in the UK) gave about 1,550,000 hits for 'plantar fasciitis'; 272,000 for 'plantar fascitis'and 87,400 for 'plantar faciitis'.  I wonder if your conclusions would be different if you searched for the more common spellings.

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    None.  Currently reviewing treatments for plantar heel pain.
  2. Re: Spelling of search terms 

    Scott Telfer, Glasgow Caledonian University

    31 July 2015

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your interest in the paper. The actual search data was generated using the more common spelling (you can confirm this by checking in the data files in the supplementary materials which give the exact terms used in their headers).


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