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Table 2 Unit cost table

From: Cost-effectiveness of clostridial collagenase ointment on wound closure in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: economic analysis of results from a multicenter, randomized, open-label trial

Category Item Current procedural terminology/diagnosis-related group code Medicare costs
Clinic visits*† Physician, SSD 97597 $23.48
  Facility, SSD 97597 $106.96
  Facility, enzymatic debridement 97602 $71.54
  Physician, clinic visit (level 1) 99211 $8.85
  Facility, clinic visit (level 1) 99211 $56.77
  Physician, clinic visit (level 2) 99212 $24.50
  Facility, clinic visit (level 2) 99212 $73.68
  Physician, clinic visit (level 3) 99213 $49.67
Dressings Silvercel A6196§ $7.96 each
  Alginate A6196§ $7.96 each
  Allevyn® nonadhesive A6209§ $8.09 each
  Hydrogel sheeting dressing A6242§ $7.17 each
  Wet-to-dry gauze A6402§ $0.13 per yard
  4x4 gauze A6402§ $0.13 per yard
Wrappings Coban® A6454§ $0.84 per yard
  Coflex A6454§ $0.84 per yard
Medication Collagenase ointment (CCO) J3590§ $182.76 per tube
  Silver sulfadiazine 1% cream 591081055 $9.94 per tube
  1. CCO, clostridial collagenase ointment; DFU, diabetic foot ulcer; SSD, serial sharp debridement.
  2. *”Clinic” refers to a hospital-based outpatient wound care department.
  3. If any type of debridement occurred, then no clinic visit billing was allowed. If there was no debridement, the clinic visit codes were used because dressings were changed frequently. When enzymatic debridement was performed, only the facility was reimbursed.
  4. Only Allevyn® non-adhesive was used in patients who received CCO. Other dressings were considered standard of care in the treatment of DFU.
  5. §Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System code.
  6. Each dressing was wrapped after applying CCO or standard-of-care dressing.
  7. National drug code.