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Table 1 Unit cost (£) and source of health service use in the UK a, b, c

From: Cost-effectiveness of steroid (methylprednisolone) injections versus anaesthetic alone for the treatment of Morton’s neuroma: economic evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial (MortISE trial)

Health-care resource Unit Unit cost (£)a Details and source
Primary care contacts, e.g. general practitioner, practice nurse. Consultation 12.30 to 84.86 Costed by professiond
PAMs, e.g. physiotherapist, chiropodist, consultant radiologist Consultation 12.30 to 51.65 Costed by professiond
Hospital outpatient clinic e.g. orthopaedic, opthalmologist Consultation 103.31 to 110.69 Costed by specialtyd, e
Hospital outpatient consultation with ultrasound scan Consultation with scan 145.74 Cost including costs of consultant radiologist lasting 30mins, nurse lasting 30 minutes of client contact and an ultrasound scand,e
Hospital outpatient consultation with no ultrasound scan Consultation with no scan 63.34 Cost of consultation lasting 30minse
Inpatient hospital stay Procedure 154.96 Costed by proceduree
Accident and emergency Consultation 28.29 Costed by consultatione
Steroid injection (1ml methylprednisolone (40 mg) and 1ml 2% Lignocaine) Item 3.74 Costed by BNF entryf
Anaesthetic injection (2ml of 1% Lignocaine) Item 0.25 Costed by BNF entryf
  1. Legend: Table 1 Unit cost of health service use in UK pounds sterling (£)a, with sourceb, c.
  2. PAMs: Professionals Allied to Medicines; BNF: British National Formulary.
  3. aCost year 2011/12.
  4. bNational Health Service costs including salary, employers’ costs, overheads and capital costs.
  5. cCosts extracted from Curtis and Netten [11] and Department of Health [10] have been inflated from 2004/05 to 2011/12 using Hospital & Community Health Service inflation indices from Curtis [12].
  6. dFrom Curtis and Netten [11].
  7. eFrom Department of Health [10].
  8. fFrom BNF [13].