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Table 4 Multivariate linear regression analyses with OxAFQ-C Physical domain scores as the dependent variable a,b

From: The association of foot structure and footwear fit with disability in children and adolescents with Down syndrome

  OxAFQ-C Physical domain scorec
Independent variables R2change pvalue forR2change
Foot structure   
 Arch Index 0.032 0.212
 Hallux valgus (presence) 0.066 0.070
 Lesser toe deformity (presence) 0.014 0.409
Footwear fitd   
 Length (ill-fitting/lower median)e 0.013 0.431
 Width (ill-fitting/lower median)e 0.099 0.027
  1. aAdjusted for sex, age and body mass index.
  2. bParent-reported Oxford Ankle Foot Questionnaire for Children (OxAFQ-C) domain scores were based on n = 49 due to missing data.
  3. cAnalyses performed on transformed OxAFQ-C Physical domain scores.
  4. dLinear regression analyses performed for footwear fit were based on n = 48 due to missing data.
  5. eIll-fitting: representing the greatest disparity between the participant’s foot and footwear length and width dimensions; expressed as a percentage. The values that defined the lower median (ill-fitting) were as follows: length (shoe 14.3% shorter to 10.8% longer than foot), width (shoe 26.5% to 4.9% narrower than foot).