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Table 4 Features of the role boundary disputes

From: Contested professional role boundaries in health care: a systematic review of the literature

  Feature Number of studies
Existing or new professions and boundaries New occupation or sub-speciality encroaching on another’s established boundary 4
Existing professional group encroaching on another’s established role boundary 1
Long-standing role boundary contest 2
Overt or subtle contest Overt boundary contest 4
Subtle boundary contest 2
Unclear 1
Professional hierarchy Hierarchal component 4
No hierarchal component 2
Mixed 1
Strategy level being explored in review Macro-level 1
Micro-level 5
Both 1
Initial driver for change in professional role boundary/ies Government/modernization agenda for health care 2
Chronic illness trajectory 1
Shortage of health care professionals 1
Consumer/community driven 1
Not specified 2