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Table 1 STARLITE framework

From: Contested professional role boundaries in health care: a systematic review of the literature

Sampling strategy Purposive
Type of literature Qualitative and quantitative research
Approaches Subject search, citation search, internet search
Range of years No start date to March 2014
Limits English, human
Inclusions and exclusions Included: Health or health care and: contested role boundaries, disputed role boundaries, role boundary negotiation, interprofessional role boundaries, professional role boundaries
Excluded: Discussion pieces; developing countries; intra-professional boundary disputes; papers referring to, but not focusing on interprofessional boundary disputes; complementary and alternative therapies only; interprofessional education; collaboration; multidisciplinary care
Terms used Contested boundaries AND health care
Dispute* boundary$ AND health care
Professional boundary$ AND health care
Interprofessional boundary$ AND in health
Electronic resources CINAHL, Medline, PubMed, Expanded Academic ASAP
  1. The symbols * and $ constitute literature search strategy Boolean connectors. * is a wildcard symbol replacing one letter in a search term, enhancing a database search. $ is a truncation symbol which allows retrieval of words in both plural and singular.