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Table 1 Mean CMC during different conditions and periods of time.

From: The effect of cognitive task on ankle movement variability in athletes with Functional Ankle Instability

   Single-Task Dual-Task
200ms before and after HSa Frontal plane 0.9529±0.029 0.9270±0.044 *
  Sagittal plane 0.9505±0.042 0.9373±0.046
  Transverse plane 0.8530±0.150 0.8539±0.140
HS-TOb Frontal plane 0.9396±0.042 0.91150.092
  Sagittal plane 0.9842±0.019 0.9825±0.022
  Transverse plane 0.9228±0.092 0.9274±0.072
  1. a Heel strike. b Toe off. * P <0.05