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Table 1 Table 1

From: Association between foot types defined by static and dynamic measures, and the centre of pressure during gait

Classification method Pronators Supinators
Foot Posture Index(FPI) ≥7 ≤-1
Resting Calcaneal Stance Position (RCSP) ≤-2° ≥3°
Difference between NCSP* and RCSP ≥8° ≤4°
Peak Rearfoot Eversion(PRE) ≤-6.1° ≥-1.1°
Time of Peak Rear foot Eversion (TPRE) ≥38% ≤26%
Range of Rearfoot Eversion (RRE) ≥16.3° ≤10.5°
Maximum Mid Foot Dorsiflexion ≥6.4° ≤1.1°
  1. *NCSP:neutral calcaneal stance position