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Table 1 Peak value of the ankle angles and velocities (inversion, internal rotation and plantarflexion) were shown in the table below. The lowest row indicates the duration of the ankle sprain injury.

From: Analysis of ankle inversion sprain injury mechanism from accidental injury cases captured in televised basketball matches

Max. Inversion angle (deg) 110
Max. Inversion velocity (deg/sec) 2916.
Time of peak inversion (sec) 0.24
Max. Internal rotation angle (deg) 56
Max. Internal rotation velocity (deg/sec) 551
Time of peak internal rotation (sec) 0.52
Max. Plantarflexion angle (deg) 32
Max. Plantarflexion velocity (deg/sec) 580
Time of peak plantarflexion (sec) 0.40
Whole duration (sec) 0.52s