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Table 1 Electronic database search strategy and eligibility criteria

From: The effect of foot orthoses and in-shoe wedges during cycling: a systematic review

Keywords used (orthotic OR orthoses OR orthosis OR inner-sole OR insole OR wedges OR shims) AND (cycling or bicycling or cyclist or cycle) NOT (gait cycle)
Inclusion criteria 1) All empirical studies that evaluated the effects of foot orthoses, insoles, shoe inserts and in-shoe wedges on cycling.
2) Outcome measures included kinematics and kinetics of the lower limb, physiological parameters and performance.
3) Published in English language.
Exclusion criteria 1) Studies that examined pedal modifications only.
2) Studies that examined orthoses or wedges external to the shoe.
3) Studies that had subjects with significant or chronic disabilities or diseases that may affect the ability to cycle.
4) Unpublished data.