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Table 4 Theme development

From: The assessment and management of diabetes related lower limb problems in India-an action research approach to integrating best practice

Sub-Themes Main Themes
1 Demographics Theme 1- Local definition and recognition of need describes the patient demographic and types of foot conditions the hospital and individual departments are dealing with day to day. Including how these problems are currently managed and the feelings of the professional group in relation to the points identified.
2 Common Conditions
3 Current Practice
4 Assessment Theme 2 - Process of current foot assessment describes how the hospital currently assesses foot health.
5 Referral Theme 3 – Barriers to current diabetic foot care highlights the operational structure and the existing problems within current practice that hinder the standardisation of foot assessment and management.
6 Resources
3a Current Practice
7 Content Theme 4 – Content of assessment describes what the participants believe would broadly make up the content of a foot health assessment tool.
8 Outcomes Theme 5 - Desired Outcomes of foot assessment and the opportunity to change describes what a successful foot health assessment could achieve and also the desire to make changes and integrate them into current practice.
9 Change