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Table 2 Question Template used to facilitate the focus group

From: The assessment and management of diabetes related lower limb problems in India-an action research approach to integrating best practice

INTRODUCTORY QUESTION Please can you describe the current patient demographics of the hospital?
TRANSITION QUESTION What types of assessment forms are currently being used and can you give examples of these throughout the hospital?
KEY QUESTION Can you describe your thoughts on the current assessment and triage process? Who is responsible for doing this?
Does the process currently work?
Can you give some examples of the positives and negative aspects of this process?
KEY QUESTION What details would you want to capture from a foot assessment tool?
KEY QUESTION What do you perceive a successful assessment tool would achieve?
ENDING QUESTION If you had the opportunity to change it how would you see structured assessment and triage working?
FINAL QUESTION Is there anything else that anyone feels we should have talked about but didn’t?