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Table 1 Research protocol as aligned with the action research process

From: The assessment and management of diabetes related lower limb problems in India-an action research approach to integrating best practice

Phase of action research Methodology Aim
1) Ownership Observations and informal discussions with hospital staff. To inform content of focus group question template.
To capture an untainted picture of current practice before the formal focus groups.
2) Problem identification Focus group with recruited participants from hospital staff. Capitalises’ on the interaction between and among participants to stimulate and refine thoughts and perspectives’ (18).
Useful in deriving collective opinions of groups.
Useful when there are power differences between the decision-makers and/or professionals, when exploring the degree of consensus on a given topic (19).
3) Initial Action planning Observations and informal discussions following the focus group. To observe and discuss further opinions regarding pertinent points identified in the focus group.
To allow staff to speak more about the points discussed free from barriers such as seniority, gender, caste and internal politics.
To clarify the points raised and view them in action.
To facilitate the exploration of ideas around change.