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Table 1 Medline search strategy

From: Systematic review of chronic ankle instability in children

#1: Terms combined with ‘OR’ #2: Terms combined with ‘OR’ #3: Terms combined with ‘OR’
The ankle Instability Injury Diagnosis and measurement Children
Ankle Ankle instability Sprains and strains Instability measurement Child
Ankle joint Chronic instability Inversion sprain Measurement Paediatric
Talocrural   Inversion injury Instability diagnosis Pediatric
Talocalcaneal Chronic Repeated sprain Diagnosis Boy
Tibiotalar Joint instability Repeated injury Laxity Girl
Talofibular Mechanical instability Recurrent sprain   Adolescent
High ankle Functional instability Recurrent injury   Teen
  Perceived instability Wounds and injury   Teenager
  Unstable Syndesmosis   Youth
   Lateral ligament, ankle   Young
   Collateral ligament   
   Talofibular ligament   
   Calcaneofibular ligament   
      Combined search: [#1 AND #2] AND #3