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Figure 1

From: Foot kinematics in walking on a level surface and on stairs in patients with hallux rigidus before and after cheilectomy

Figure 1

Marker placement according to the Heidelberg Foot Measurement Method*. Hallux (HLX), metatarsal heads (DMT1, DMT2 and DMT5), proximally at the 1st and 5th metatarsal (PMT1, PMT5), navicular (NAV), lateral malleolus (LML), dorsal (CCL), medial and lateral (MCL, LCL) calcaneus, lateral epicondyle (LEP), tibial tuberosity (TTU), shin (SH1/2) markers; the medial epicondyle (MEP) and medial malleolus (MML) markers are not shown. *Reprinted from Gait & Posture, 23 (4), J. Simon, L Doederlein, A.S. McIntosh, D. Metaxiotis, H.G. Bock, S.I. Wolf, The Heidelberg foot measurement method: Development, description and assessment, Page 414, 2006, with permission from Elsevier.

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