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Table 1 Description of final attributes and levels in the hypothetical scenarios

From: An exploration of parents’ preferences for foot care in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a possible role for the discrete choice experiment

Attribute Description Variable names and levels
Pain relief Following treatment you will have the following pain level pain_0; no lower limb pain experienced whatsoever, pain_1; A noticeable improvement in lower limb pain, pain_2; no change in the levels of pain
Improvement in mobility Following treatment you will have the following ability mobility_0; Ability to move freely, mobility_1; a noticeable improvement in the ability to move but some limitations, mobility_2; No change in movement ability
Activities of daily living Following treatment you will have the following ability adl_0; Ability to take part in all usual everyday activities, adl_1; Ability to take part in some usual everyday activities, adl_2; No improvement in ability
Route to podiatry care (foot care) You will receive podiatry care via route_0; The appointment includes seeing the consultant, the podiatrist and the physiotherapist in the same visit, route_1; The consultant would decide whether to refer you/your child to the podiatrist
Waiting time The waiting time for first podiatry contact will be Wait; 3months, 6months, 1 year.
Footwear Following treatment you will be able to wear footwear_0; ability to wear most types of shoes, footwear_1; ability to wear limited types of shoes, footwear_2; ability to wear specially made shoes only
Cost to you The total cost of the appointment to you will be Cost; £80, £150, £220.