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Table 3 Standard step-by-step technique for ulcer measurement

From: Comparison of healing rate in diabetes-related foot ulcers with low frequency ultrasonic debridement versus non-surgical sharps debridement: a randomised trial protocol

Ulcer measurement
1) Ulcers that have tunnels or undermining will be marked on the skin with a black marker
2) A white towel will be place under the foot to remove distracting background elements
3) A disposable ruler will be labelled with participant number, wound number, participant initials and the date
4) Position the disposable ruler alongside the ulcer and secure with paper tape
5) Use macro camera setting with flash on, iso set to 200
6) Take photograph at a distance of 20 cm from the wound
7) Ulcer measurements will be conducted from print out using the photograph (all photos will be printed as standard A4 size)