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Archived Comments for: The effects of prolonged running on foot posture: a repeated measures study of half marathon runners using the foot posture index and navicular height

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  1. Half marathon induced changes in navicular height might occur early in the run.

    Bill Vicenzino, University of Queensland

    28 June 2013

    Nice study - well done and I hope to see more from your group.

    Quick comment.

    In respect to the navicular height measurements it reminded me of a finding we reported in 2000 in which our control no tape group who jogged 10minutes exhibited a 3mm (SEmean 0.35) drop from baseline and that didn't change much over 20 minutes of jogging (3.4mm (0.6))[1]. I think this raises the possibility that the major part of the change in foot posture occurs very early.

    1. Vicenzino B, Griffiths SR, Griffiths LA, Hadley A. Effect of antipronation tape and temporary orthotic on vertical navicular height before and after exercise. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2000 Jun 1;30(6):333¿9.

    Competing interests

    I am not aware of any potential competing interests.