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Table 1 Table compares only the averages of kinematics (angles) and kinetics (moments and forces) data that are statistically significant (p<0.05) during the dynamic activities.

From: Influence of variable stiffness shoes in sports performance and protection of lower extremity injury

Activity Joint Variable Name Control VSS %difference
Walking Knee Max adduction moment (%BWxHt) 0.37 0.35 -5.994
Walking   Max anterior force at push off (%BW) 19.73 20.97 6.302
Running Knee Max adduction moment (%BWxHt) 1.04 0.88 -14.716
Running   Max posterior force (%BW) -24.50 -28.93 18.072
Running   Max anterior force (%BW) 29.02 30.78 6.078
Stop Jumping Knee Max adduction moment (%BWxHt) 0.83 0.67 -18.661
Stop Jumping   Max posterior force (%BW) -67.67 -73.33 8.373