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Table 6 Performance criteria for certificate IV AHA in podiatry to perform basic foot hygiene (page 2, health training package, HLTAHA404A assist with basic foot hygiene)

From: Assisting role redesign: a qualitative evaluation of the implementation of a podiatry assistant role to a community health setting utilising a traineeship approach

2.1 Explain to the client the purpose, rationale and requirements of the foot hygiene session
2.2 Determine the client’s understanding of the purpose, rationale and requirements of each part of the foot hygiene session
2.3 Identify any condition indicating the client is at high risk that requires podiatrist attention
2.4 Assist client in and out of shoes, socks and hosiery where necessary
2.5 Correctly position the client prior to foot hygiene session
2.6 Implement necessary infection control measures
2.7 Perform basic foot hygiene according to the directions of the podiatrist and using appropriate infection control precautions, especially in relation to air borne particles
2.8 Apply appropriate dressings to any skin breaks which might result from treatment
2.9 Provide feedback that reinforces the podiatrist’s advice
2.10 Identify and manage client compliance issues.
2.11 Work with client to determine and plan any follow up requirements and dates
2.12 Seek assistance when client presents with needs or signs outside limits of own authority
2.13 Report client difficulties to the supervising podiatrist