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Table 4 Scope of practice policy regarding registered podiatrist responsibilities (p2-3)

From: Assisting role redesign: a qualitative evaluation of the implementation of a podiatry assistant role to a community health setting utilising a traineeship approach

Registered Podiatrist
A registered podiatrist is at all times professionally responsible for a patient’s care plan and treatment, the podiatry assistant, their scope of practice and conduct whilst being directly accountable for the care a patient receives. The podiatrist must be familiar with and work within the Podiatry Board of Australia Guidelines for podiatrists working with podiatric assistants in podiatry practice.
The registered podiatrist must ensure the following:
a) All patients have an initial assessment completed and an appropriate care plan recorded prior to involving an assistant in any treatment.
  The care plan clearly delineates the treatment that will fall within the appropriate scope of practice for the assistant.
b) The patient is reassessed and their care plan renewed annually.
c) The podiatry assistant has the required minimum qualifications, training and competencies to complete the delegated tasks.
d) A podiatry assistant is at no time delegated tasks outside their scope of practice or for which they have not yet been deemed competent or not safe to perform particularly when they undertaking training.
e) All warning and safety procedures are undertaken with patients including instructions regarding contraindications, adverse reactions and expected reactions of the techniques to be applied.
f) The podiatry assistant fully understands and can implement the process for reporting both clinical and non-clinical emergencies.
g) Where a podiatry assistant is working without direct supervision and a clinical emergency occurs documented protocols exist that specify the process for reporting unexpected changes to a patient’s health or foot care needs.
h) A podiatry assistant is at all times clearly and correctly identified as an assistant. A referral may only occur once discussed with a patient and informed consent obtained.
i) A podiatry assistant is provided with clear directions of the work to be undertaken.
j) Clearly defined lines of communication and direction are established and the assistant is aware of these.
k) The quality of work completed by the assistant is regularly evaluated to ensure they are working in a competent and safe manner.