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Table 3 Scope of practice policy regarding tasks not to be undertaken by the assistant (p2)

From: Assisting role redesign: a qualitative evaluation of the implementation of a podiatry assistant role to a community health setting utilising a traineeship approach

The following tasks must not be included in a podiatry assistant’s scope of practice under any circumstances:
a) Clinical interpretation of podiatry referrals
b) Interpretation of a patient’s diagnosis or prognosis
c) Interpretation of assessment findings
d) Development of a physical diagnosis
e) Development or modification of a patient’s treatment or care plan
f) Clinical advice outside the parameters of an approved care plan or standardised general health promotion information
g) Casting for custom orthoses
h) Moulding of prefabricated or non-casted mouldable orthoses
i) Clinical evaluation or review of treatment modalities
j) Clinical treatment involving the use of a scalpel
k) Injections and/or surgical procedures
l) Clinical assessment or examination of patients including:
      -Biomechanical(including postural or gait assessments)