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Table 1 Outline of the basic and organising themes developed from the thematic analysis

From: Foot health education for people with rheumatoid arthritis — some patient perspectives

Basic Themes Organising Themes
· Information Provision The Content and purpose of Patient Education – what it should be.
· Signposting
· Preparedness
· Explanation of service and interventions
· Self-management
· The podiatrists role and scope of practice
· The role of other Allied Health Professionals
· Information from internet sources The Content of Patient Education – what it shouldn’t be.
· Fear of the future – prognosis for foot health
· Comparison of foot health in RA to that in other diseases
· Fear of interventions
· Timing of referral to podiatry Timing of Information on Foot Health
· Timing of delivery of educational material
· Time available within a consultation
· Time to reflect
· Internet resources Method of delivery
· Group Education
· One-to-one
· Written
· Verbal
· Finance Ability to engage with Patient Education
· Time
· Access
· Information Retention
· Helpfulness The Patient - Practitioner Relationship
· Being listened to
· Influence of gender