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Table 1 Outline of the basic and organising themes developed from the thematic analysis

From: Foot health education for people with rheumatoid arthritis: the practitioner's perspective

Basic Themes Organising Themes
• Information Provision  
• Empowerment The Essence of Patient Education
• Disease Diagnosis, Process & Prognosis  
• Interventions  
• Role of the Podiatrist Content - the what and why
• Assessments  
• Non-podiatry related topic  
• General 'vs' specific education  
• Timing A patient centred approach to content and timing
• External barriers to provision - organisational  
• Psychosocial barriers Barriers to provision of Patient education
• Education with regards professional roles  
• Professional experience  
• Impact of patient concordance  
• The impact of patient knowledge  
• The impact of patient attitudes  
• The impact of practitioner attitudes The Therapeutic Relationship
• The influence of age & gender  
• Role/title confusion  
• 'Taboo' subject areas  
• Group 'vs' individual provision  
• Verbal & written material 'Tools of the Trade'
• Audio-visual material  
• Web-based resources