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Table 2 Summary of Surgical Intervention

From: An analysis of Euroqol EQ-5D and Manchester Oxford Foot Questionnaire scores six months following podiatric surgery

Total Procedures 409
Pt's receiving more than one procedure 81
Mean procedures per patient 1.298
Specific Surgical Procedures (elective day case)  
Hallx valgus repair (scarf-Akins procedure) 156
Digital surgery 132
Hallux Rigidus repair (osteotomy, arthroplasty, arthrodesis) 29
Skin, nail or Soft tissue 22
Lesser metatarsal (osteotomy, condylectomy) 19
Neurectomy 19
Cheilectomy 13
mid foot arthrodesis 5
Fixation removal 5
amputation (Digital; whole or partial) 3
sesamoid reduction 3
Hallux Varus repair (Reverse scarf procedure) 2
Sub Talar joint Arthroeresis 1