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Table 3 Inter-assessor reliability results for all examinations

From: Inter-assessor reliability of practice based biomechanical assessment of the foot and ankle

ICC values for RCSP and NCSP  
  RCSP (ICC 2’1) NCSP (ICC 2’1)
Right foot 0.23 0.14
Left foot 0.14 0.11
ICC values for the range of ankle joint dorsiflexion
  Knee extended Knee flexed
Right foot 0.44 0.61
Left foot 0.42 0.51
Fleiss Kappa values for categorisation of first ray position and mobility
  First ray position First ray mobility
Right foot −0.03 0.05
Left foot 0.01 −0.01
Fleiss Kappa values for the categorisation of limb length examination
  Identification of longer leg Identification of longer leg length
Limb length examination 0.02 0.02