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Table 1 International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10-AM) codes identified for lower extremity amputation, diabetes and trauma

From: What are the key conditions associated with lower limb amputations in a major Australian teaching hospital?

Category Sub-category ICD codes ICD Sub-codes ICD description
Amputation Minor 1533   Amputation of ankle or foot
    44338-00 Amputation of toe
    44358-00 Amputation of toe including metatarsal bone
    90557-00 Disarticulation through toe
    44361-00 Disarticulation through ankle
    44364-00 Midtarsal amputation
    44364-01 Transmetatarsal amputation
    44361-01 Amputation of ankle through malleoli of tibia and fibula
  Major 1505   Other excision procedures on knee or leg
    44637-01 Disarticulation at knee
    44367-02 Amputation below knee
  Major 1484   Amputation of pelvis or hip
    44370-00 Amputation at hip
    44373-00 Hindquarter amputation
    44367-00 Amputation above knee
Diabetes   E09 – E14   Presence of a diabetes code including Impaired Glucose Regulation
Trauma   S00 – T79.99   Episodes with trauma as the reason for admission