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Table 1 Search strategy used for each database.

From: Safety and efficacy of tinea pedis and onychomycosis treatment in people with diabetes: a systematic review

Database Date Limitation Search Terms
Scopus 15/10/10 Abstract ((ABS("Tinea Pedis" OR "onychomycosis" OR "athlete's foot"))) AND ((ABS(diab*)) AND (ABS(treat*)).
Ovid 6/1/11 Abstract ((Tinea Pedis OR onychomycosis OR athlete's foot) and (treat$) and (diab$)
Web of Science 6/1/11 Topic Topic = ("Tinea Pedis" OR "onychomycosis" OR "athlete's foot") AND Topic = (diab*) AND Topic = (treat*)
EbscoHost 15/10/10 Abstract AB ("Tinea Pedis" OR "onychomycosis" OR "athlete's foot") and AB (diab*) and AB (treat*)