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Table 8 Step-wise regression models for reconstruction of stature from foot length (T1 to T5) measurements

From: Estimation of stature from the foot and its segments in a sub-adult female population of North India

Variable Regression model S.E.E (cm) R R2
T1 to T5 67.535 + 2.574(T1*) + 0.102(T2) + 2.115(T3)-3.356(T4*) + 2.495(T5*) 4.516 0.659 0.434
  1. T1-T1 Length (d1.t-pte), T2-T2 Length (d2.t-pte), T3-T3 Length (d3.t-pte), T4-T4 Length (d4.t-pte), T5-T5 Length (d5.t-pte), *p-value < 0.05, S.E.E-Standard Error of Estimate