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Table 3 Content of 18-month postal follow-up Health Survey questionnaire (Phase 2 participants only)

From: The clinical assessment study of the foot (CASF): study protocol for a prospective observational study of foot pain and foot osteoarthritis in the general population

Concept Measurement method Detail
Foot pain characteristics Change in foot pain over past 18 months Completely recovered, much better, better, no change, worse, much worse
  Since your assessment 18 months ago, have you ever injured your foot badly enough to see a doctor about it? No/right only/left only/both
  Foot pain, aching, stiffness in last month [39] No days, few days, some days, most days, all days
  Foot pain intensity in past month [40] 0-10 NRS with verbal anchors (no pain, pain as bad as could be)
Foot pain chronicity Chronic Pain Grade [59] 6 questions (0-10 NRS) and 1 question (4 response options) giving grade I-IV
Complaint-specific functioning Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index [41] 19-items across four constructs: pain, function, appearance, work/leisure
  Symptom satisfaction [64] 5-point Likert scale (Very dissatisfied to Very satisfied)
Healthcare use Use of services/treatments for foot pain in past 18 months GP, physiotherapist, hospital specialist, acupuncture, podiatrist, chiropodist, drugs on prescription, foot injection, foot surgery, osteopath/chiropractor, other (specify)
  Medication use in last month For foot pain, for other pain
Coping strategies for foot pain Single-item coping strategies questionnaire [42] 0-6 NRS with verbal anchors (never do that, always do that)
Perceived general health MOS SF 12 [33] Physical and mental component summary scores
Physical function MOS SF 36 [32] Physical functioning sub-scale
Anxiety and depression Hospital anxiety and depression scale [34] Anxiety and depression sub-scales
Hallux valgus Self-completed line drawings [37] 5 line-drawings for each foot depicting increasing severity of hallux valgus
Bodily pain Self-completed body manikin In the past 4 weeks, have you had pain that has lasted for one day or longer in any part of your body? If yes, shade location of pain on manikin
Regional pain Site-specific questions Have you had any problems with your hands or pain in your hands/hips/knees in the last year?
Demographic characteristics Date of birth
Socioeconomic characteristics Current employment status Employed, not working due to ill-health, retired, unemployed/seeking work, housewife, other
  1. MOS SF 12 = Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 12; MOS SF 36 = Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36; NRS = numerical rating scale