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Table 2 Details of Cowlairs CDU decontamination processes

From: Quantitative analysis of residual protein contamination of podiatry instruments reprocessed through local and central decontamination units

Cleaning Process  
Equipment Getinge Automated Washer Disinfector
Detergent Dr Weigert Neodisher Mediclean Fort
Cleaning time/temperature Pre rinse - 4 min 38 sec/Start 31°C End 34.9°C
  Main wash - 7 mins 20 sec/Start 60.5°C, End 62.8°C
  Hot water rinse - 2 mins/Start 91.4°C, End 92.6°C
  Disinfection - 1 min 30 secs 37
  Drying - 22 min 22 secs/Start 82.3°C, End 87.2°C
Validated Washer disinfector by trust engineer to protocols defined in SHTM2030
Sterilization Process  
Equipment Getinge Type B (Vacuum sterilizer)
Method Steam sterilization