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Figure 5

From: Lower limb biomechanics during running in individuals with achilles tendinopathy: a systematic review

Figure 5

Differences in the frequency of pes cavus and pes planus and the excursion of the centre of pressure assessed using plantar pressures during running (Black plots = significant effects with group difference adjacent the right error bar, Grey plots = non-significant effects). Abbreviations: AI, arch index; cavus v normal, frequency of pes cavus to normal foot type; planus v normal, frequency of pes planus to normal foot type; COP-Amed, centre of pressure excursion: medial deviation in relation to the plantar angle; COP-Alat, centre of pressure excursion: lateral deviation in relation to the plantar angle; B, barefoot; S, shod. * Variables were reported to have statistically significant differences between groups in original study.

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