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Figure 3

From: Lower limb biomechanics during running in individuals with achilles tendinopathy: a systematic review

Figure 3

Kinematics of the hip and knee joints during running (Black plots = significant effects with group difference adjacent the right error bar, Grey plots = non-significant effects). Abbreviations: Hip angle at HS, sagittal plane hip angle at heel strike; Hip angle at TO, sagittal plane hip angle at toe-off; Hip ROM, sagittal plane hip range of motion; KF at HS, knee flexion at heel strike; Knee angle at ISSC, sagittal plane knee angle at initial supporting surface contact; Knee angle at MS, sagittal plane angle at midstance; Knee flexion HS and MS, knee flexion between heel strike and midstance; KF max, maximum knee flexion; KF ROM, knee flexion range of motion; Peak KIR, peak knee internal rotation; Peak KIR-peak TIR, timing of peak knee internal rotation to peak tibial internal rotation; B, barefoot; S, shod. * Variables were reported to have statistically significant differences between groups in original study.

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