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Table 1 Radiographic observations.

From: Radiographic correlates of hallux valgus severity in older people

Anterior-posterior projection Lateral projection
Hallux abductus angle Calcaneal inclination angle
Intermetatarsal angle First metatarsal declination angle
Proximal articular set angle Lateral intermetatarsal angle
Distal articular set angle Navicular height
Sesamoid position (four grade scale) Truncated foot length
Sesamoid position (seven position scale) Navicular height/truncated foot length
Shape of the first metatarsal head  
Hallux abductus interphalangeal angle  
Metatarsus adductus angle  
Simplified metatarsus adductus angle  
Difference in lengths of first and second metatarsals  
Congruency of the first metatarsophalangeal joint