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Table 1 Summary of outcomes for the 50 female participants (73 feet) at an average 9.5 years postoperative rotation scarf and Akin osteotomies for hallux valgus

From: Combined rotation scarf and Akin osteotomies for hallux valgus: a patient focussed 9 year follow up of 50 patients

Outcome Percentage
Patient satisfaction 88% completely satisfied
8% satisfied with reservations
4% dissatisfied
Cosmetic appearance 10% unhappy with cosmetic appearance
Footwear restrictions 14% could not wear high heels
Goniometric measurement of first MTP joint post op Mean Hallux valgus angle 10° SD 6
Mean dorsiflexion 54° SD 4.6
Mean plantarflexion 15° SD 8
First MTP joint stiffness 8%
Physical activity restriction 8%
Metatarsalgia 6%
First MTP joint pain 6%
Hallux valgus recurrence 8%
Hallux varus 4%
Post op superficial wound infection 4%
Internal fixation removal 25%
Revision surgery 1 patient for hallux varus