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Table 1 A full electronic search strategy from the EMBASE database, April, 2010

From: Effectiveness of dry needling and injections of myofascial trigger points associated with plantar heel pain: a systematic review

# Searches
1 exp Lower Extremity/
2 exp Therapeutics/
3 exp Myofascial Pain Syndromes/
4 exp"Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)"/or exp"Quality of Life"/or exp"Outcome Assessment (Health Care)"/or exp Questionnaires/or exp Treatment Outcome
5 exp Heel Pain/or exp Pain Assessment/or exp Foot Pain/or exp Musculoskeletal Pain/
6 exp fasciitis/
7 exp methodology/
8 (leg* or calf or calves or foot or feet or ankle* or toe* or plantar fascia or plantar aponeurosis or plantar ligament or area).mp.
9 (needl* or acupuncture or inject*)
10 (trigger area* or trigger point* or"myofascial trigger point pain" or"myofascial pain components" or taut band).
11 (systematic review or"randomised controlled trial" or RCT or qausi experimental or"single subject design" or comparative study)
12 VAS or"visual analogue scale" or"visual analysis scale" or"activities of daily living" or"quality of life" or"pressure pain threshold" or algometry
13 9 or 2
14 6 or 3 or 10
15 5 or 12 or 4
16 11 or 7
17 1 or 8
18 13 and 14 and 15 and 16 and 17