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Table 4 Comparison of prevalence rates for PN, PVD and foot ulcer between this study and international studies.

From: A questionnaire for determining prevalence of diabetes related foot disease (Q-DFD): construction and validation

First author Study year Study location Diabetes prevalence Prevalence of PVD Prevalence of PN Prevalence of foot ulceration
Bergin (current study) 2008 Australia 7.0% 16.0% 37.0% 4.5%
Manes 2002 Greece 8.7% 12.7% 33.5% 4.7%
Nielsen 1998 Saudi Arabia 23.0% NR* 38.0% 4.7%
Kastenbauer 2004 Austria 5.0% 37.5% NR NR
Rhee 2007 Asia 6.8%** 17.7% NR NR
Hirsch 2001 United States 6.8% 19.6% NR NR
Al-Mahroos 2007 Bahrain 18.0% NR NR 5.9%
  1. *NR = not reported.
  2. Diabetes prevalence data is sourced from the World Health Organisation and is compiled using local epidemiological studies and surveys. Amputation is not included here as most international studies report findings as per capita or incidence rates not as prevalence rates. Deformity is not included here as no local or international deformity data could be identified for use as a comparison. ** Prevalence data for Asia is reported as a mean value given that this study was conducted across 7 Asian countries.